Visofold 3000 – Panorama

Product Overview

  •     Choice of open in or out, viagra stack left or right, open at the centre, end or in-between
  •     Slim sightlines allow more light into the building and give a pleasing appearance
  •     Ultra-low threshold option where unimpeded access is required
  •     Attractively styled round-edge profiles
  •     Aluminium profiles offer low maintenance over the long term
  •     High security hook bolt lock and one piece keep
  •     Handle integral to lock mechanism and locking shoot-bolts
  •     Highly engineered and robust hinges
  •     Specially designed stainless steel rollers give smooth and easy operation
  •     High quality EPDM gaskets and weather brushes to aid weather proofing
  •     Large Polyamide thermal barrier reduces heat loss and improves thermal performance
  •     Dual colour option available
  •     Hardware options – handles and hinges available in black or white