Glass Screens

Glass screen Technology is the line of hardware for tempered glass sliding systems by Casma. All products are brought together by the use of patch fi ttings metallic joints, generic viagra which give the most possible space to the glass surface, making the mobile barrier nearly virtual.  All products find their ideal application in shopping centers, airports, restaurants and anywhere it’s necessary to create or remove a barrier. GWT has been chosen by designers for countless prestigious buildings.

It is an innovative hardware system for frameless glass folding doors exclusively equipped with patch fittings. The system hangs and slides in a topmounted track and the wings are aligned in a “U” brass profile hidden in the fl oor. All the hardware is available only in aluminium and its fi nishes. Maximum size of each wing is 1000 x 3000 mm. The maximum number of wings is 12 (for a total opening of 12000 mm) i.e.6 wings on each side. Glass thickness from 8 mm for tempered glass up to 10+10 mm for tempered laminated glass.

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